As construction activities come to an end, Earl Consulting Co. remains active in the closeout process. Our involvement during this phase ensures that our clients receive all necessary information, materials, and training for a successful turnover. Closeout activities include:

  • Preparing a punchlist in conjunction with the construction team and owner and monitoring completion
  • Coordinating closeout documents: collecting, reviewing, and assembling the warranties, operating and maintenance manuals, commissioning report, and as-built documents
  • Assisting with commissioning the building and providing owner training
  • Setting up a warranty walk-through to address any issues that have arisen subsequent to completion
  • Coordinating with the general contractor to complete warranty work in a timely manner while minimizing disruption to the ongoing client operations
  • Facilitating a Lessons Learned meeting with the project team
  • Assisting with obtaining the occupancy permit
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